OXYMETAL specialised in the manufacture of test weight sets intended for static and dynamic tests of all lifting and material handling equipment, also offers OSC® weight for confined spaces.


The OSC® test weights for confined spaces are equipped with 2 handles for positioning and handling. A central hole allows for their positioning and blocking on the trolley.

15kg; External dimensions (mm)
Length: 400
Width: 400
Height: 12
25kg; External dimensions (mm)
Length: 470 
Width: 470
Height: 15
Trolley (mm)
Length: 600
Width; 490
Height: 200
Weight; 50kg


OSC® weights for confined spaces are intended to be used manually in small spaces.


Usage conditions:

  • Storage and handling with a trolley fitted with a handle
  • Manual loading

The batch of OSC® test weights allows you to perform static and dynamic testing on many lifting and material handling equipment such as: 

  • Cradles,
  • Lifts,
  • Baskets, etc.