15 juin 2017

Our know-how in the Energy sector

OXYMETAL has been supplying a broad customer base in the energy sector for more than 30 years.

Today we are a reliable and innovative partner for a wide range of applications:

- Flame cutting from special materials for heat exchangers acc. to ASME and ASTM (SA516Gr60, P275NH) with advanced quality requirements : US control, additional mechanical testings acc. to ASTM, steel stamping, etc. 

- High precision components (geometrical tolerances +/-25µm) for electrical motors : pole and rim sheets for hydrogenerators, laminations for wind generators ;

- Critical components for emergency back-up diesel engines in nuclear power plants (various parts for transformators, generators) ;

- Complex welded constructions up to 25 tons for O&G and renewable energy : 5-bores multipliers, alternator frames, with over 100 WPQR according to various international standards (ASME, AWS).

Our experience and our know-how have made us a major supplier for manufacturers of energy sector equipment.

Come and visit us at the CWIEME exhibition in Berlin!