Oxymetal Excellence





A common interest for our Group and our employees:

We train our employees so that our business can grow, and our employees undergo training to advance their careers.



The OXYMETAL Group offers a vast number of career opportunities.
Training, mobility, change of profession: each employee is supported to actively forge their own career path.


In a constantly changing sector, both from a technological and economic point of view, it is vital to keep our skills up to date in order to offer top-class products and solutions. That is why we have created our OXYMETAL EXCELLENCE training centre.


The advantages of this centre are the “fieldwork” approach to the training and the flexibility in terms of organisation so as to take into account the production and logistics constraints at our sites.

OXYMETAL EXCELLENCE provides training in the fields of laser cutting, flame cutting and bending. As these courses are only provided for Group employees

Some of our expert employees can run training courses themselves in the fields of maintenance, IT, safety and risk and accident prevention

Open to all of our employees, OXYMETAL EXCELLENCE is designed to support the Group’s development and transformation. The training courses run have a threefold objective:

  • Building employees’ skills. Professional skills are targeted in business areas where it is important that the Group maintains its competitive edge.
  • Developing talent in the business lines that are vital to the Group’s growth. 
  • Helping managers to lead the change needed to prevent risks and accidents and to bolster the Group’s social responsibility.

The list of training courses provided by OXYMETAL EXCELLENCE is available on the OXYMETAl internal document network.

Because the excellence of our quality and service goes hand-in-hand with that of our employees.” 
Philippe CHEDRU, President