The OXYMETAL Group supports its employees: 

  • To develop their skills:

Because the excellence of our quality and service depends on that of our employees, training is at the heart of the OXYMETAL Group's concerns, notably through its OXYMETAL EXCELLENCE training center.

  • Developing versatility and mobility:

The OXYMETAL Group encourages the versatility of its employees by teaching them about its different businesses through an integration and internal training program combined with a GPEC approach. The mobility opportunities offered by the Group help to motivate employees by ensuring that their jobs match their skills.

For greater clarity, job descriptions have been written in the masculine gender, which in no way implies the gender of the job holder.
All our positions are open to people with disabilities.


At the forefront of technological advances, since the early 90s the OXYMETAL Group has focused its development on laser cutting, combining power, precision and productivity.

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The OXYMETAL Group offers a complete range of test weights and CACES® weights, marketed under the OSC® brand.

Our test weights enable you to carry out all the mandatory periodic checks on lifting and handling equipment required by the VGP (Vérifications Générales Périodiques) regulations. 

Our CACES® weights are suitable for training and passing the various CACES® tests, and comply with INRS recommendations R482 and R489.