From its founding in 1984, the OXYMETAL Group started as a specialist in flame cutting services. 


Then, at the beginning of the 1990s, the Group focused its development on laser cutting, with the creation of a workshop in Bordeaux, now OXYMETAL SUD-OUEST.


Other sites would join the Group throughout the 1990s: Metz, Paris, Nantes.


Keen to provide its customers with a comprehensive range of finished products, the OXYMETAL Group diversified at the beginning of the 2000s and broadened its range of services to welding, machining and mechanical assembly operations.


In 2007, with the takeover of the company OSC, the OXYMETAL Group added the manufacture of OSC® Test Weight Sets to its range, specific products designed for regulatory tests on lifting equipment and machinery, which are the subject of several patents.


Today, the OXYMETAL Group endeavours to maintain a highest level of quality for all of its activities and to provide the best solution to the constantly-increasing requirements of its Customers.


As such, investment in new and ever more efficient machines and in the ongoing training of its employees are strategic choices and priorities for the OXYMETAL Group.


Today, the expertise of the OXYMETAL Group is applied in numerous business sectors ranging from mechanical engineering to jewellery, as well as building and civil works, metal architecture, agri-food, energy, aerospace, railway transport and automobile. Highly varied and complementary areas of competence.


The sites are located across the entire French territory drawing on inter-site synergy and complementarity. All metals can be cut: steel, aluminium, copper or stainless steel, to mention only a few, with thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 260mm, using CO2 laser, fibre laser, YAG laser or flame cutting.



1984 Founding of OXYMETAL in Bordeaux, with its core business in flame cutting


1991 Takeover of 7 flame cutting sites in France, and acquisition of the first laser cutting machine.


1993 Development of the laser cutting activity in Bordeaux, followed by Limoges and Nantes.


2003 Integration of the machining activity thanks to the takeover of the company ORN'OXYCOUPAGE (61), which becomes OXYMETAL ORNE.


2005  ISO9001 certification


2007 Integration of the production of test weight sets thanks to the acquisition of the company OSC (51), which becomes OXYMETAL CHAMPAGNE.


2011 Takeover of the OXYMETAL Group by the company SEQUOR INDUSTRIE.


2016 Creation of the in-house training centre OXYMETAL EXCELLENCE.


2018 New plant for OXYMETAL SUD-OUEST.


2019 Opening of the OXYMETAL CZ site in Plzen (Czech Republic).


2020 ISO14001 certification


2020 Takover of the OXYMETAL Group by KONCENTRA


2022 New plant for OXYMETAL NORMANDIE


2024 New plant for OXYMETAL CZ (Plzen, Czech Republic)


At the forefront of technological advances, since the early 90s the OXYMETAL Group has focused its development on laser cutting, combining power, precision and productivity.

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The OXYMETAL Group offers a complete range of test weights and CACES® weights, marketed under the OSC® brand.

Our test weights enable you to carry out all the mandatory periodic checks on lifting and handling equipment required by the VGP (Vérifications Générales Périodiques) regulations. 

Our CACES® weights are suitable for training and passing the various CACES® tests, and comply with INRS recommendations R482 and R489.