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to fulfil your technical,

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Our aim is to maintain a high level of quality in all our activities, and to provide the best possible response to our customers' requirements.

At the same time, CSR is becoming an essential issue for companies, and we want to structure and prepare our business for tomorrow's challenges.

Our quality certifications:

  • 7 sites are ISO 9001 certified 
  • 2 sites have validated their ISO 3834 certification for welding.

Professionals at your service: our sales teams ensure top quality and rigorous follow-up of your orders.

A Quality organization for each site and a dedicated account manager offer you the best cutting solutions to improve your performance and meet your needs perfectly.

Sophisticated control and validation processes: initial samples, capability studies, control plans, dedicated indicators, etc.

Customer satisfaction is the constant preoccupation of all our teams. Our customers' loyalty is the best measure of their satisfaction: it is essential to our development. 

Meeting our commitments (delivery times, part conformity, etc.) is a priority for every department (operational or functional), whatever their level of responsibility.

The Group's quality department and the site quality manager are each responsible for ensuring compliance with these provisions, and for promoting quality among all staff. Each year, quality objectives are communicated to all staff via a quality improvement plan.

Our Quality Safety Environment policies are available on request.


The OXYMETAL Group places health and safety at the heart of its concerns. Protecting employees against workplace injuries and illnesses is a permanent objective.

This commitment is reflected in the implementation of appropriate measures to safeguard employee health and safety. This Group-wide process is an integral part of our management system.

We must carry out our activities in a way that ensures the health and safety of all. Each employee must protect his or her own health and safety by complying with the law and following the practices and procedures established by the OXYMETAL Group.

To reinforce this approach, management is committed to the following measures: 

  • Ensure that safety regulations are complied with, in particular by updating occupational risk assessment documents.
  • Analyze high-risk workstations, and support this analysis by systematically identifying the root causes of work-related accidents, and implementing appropriate preventive measures.
  • Training and monitoring employee integration
  • Exemplarity is important, and the wearing of PPE is mandatory for all employees.
  • Implement safe working procedures and inform staff of hazards by means of safety instruction sheets.
  • Tracking safety progress with relevant indicators

Occupational health and safety is EVERYBODY'S business!


Our Quality Safety Environment policies are available on request.


Every gesture counts... The OXYMETAL Group is committed to green growth!

ISO 14001 certification, obtained in 2020, demonstrates our determination to improve the OXYMETAL Group's environmental performance. It commits us to establishing a culture of listening to interested parties, while taking into account local and global environmental issues in constant compliance with regulatory obligations. We also expect the same commitment to environmental policy from our external service providers.

We therefore focus on the following 6 areas in particular:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Reducing the quantity of non-recycled waste (note that 100% of our raw material waste is recycled)

  • Reducing our energy consumption (relative to our production volumes)

  • Control water consumption

  • Controlling our consumption of chemical and toxic products

  • Prevent all types of pollution (air, soil, visual or noise)

  • Each area is associated with relevant indicators and improvement targets, which are reviewed at defined, regular intervals.

Finally, to help our customers control their carbon footprint, all the parts we quote are quantified in terms of € and carbon emissions.

Together, we take care and action to respect the environment.


Our Quality Safety Environment policies are available on request.


Reliable suppliers and controlled traceability. The steels used for your orders can be accompanied by material certificates, certificates of conformity,  ultrasound tests, mechanical tests...


An integrated training center: the OXYMETAL EXCELLENCE training center trains and develops the skills of Group employees in our core businesses: 

  • Laser cutting
  • Flame cutting
  • Bending
  • and in key support functions such as production maintenance and information systems.


At the forefront of technological advances, since the early 90s the OXYMETAL Group has focused its development on laser cutting, combining power, precision and productivity.

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The OXYMETAL Group offers a complete range of test weights and CACES® weights, marketed under the OSC® brand.

Our test weights enable you to carry out all the mandatory periodic checks on lifting and handling equipment required by the VGP (Vérifications Générales Périodiques) regulations. 

Our CACES® weights are suitable for training and passing the various CACES® tests, and comply with INRS recommendations R482 and R489.