Patented system fulfilling the requirements of the order dated 01/03/2004 relative to checks of appliances and accessories for lifting.


Compliant with the European standard relative to lifting machinery EN-1726-1.



Our patented system of "adjustable weights" enables the quick and accurate performance of static and dynamic proving tests:

  • For the commissioning of new equipment.
  • For a general periodic inspection at least every 12 months for overhead cranes, cranes, hoists and winches and every 6 months for fork-lift trucks, cradles, etc.

CF: Order dated 1 March 2004 relative to inspections of appliances and accessories for lifting.


Our patented test weight sets, manufactured by the OXYMETAL Group and marketed under the OSC® brand, enable the safe control of all appliances for lifting and material handling: forklift trucks, cranes, overhead cranes, cradles, elevating tables, load lifts, lorry tail lifts, etc.

These patented OSC® test weight sets are based on the stacking of adjustable and interlocking weights which can be handled by the forks of a fork-lift truck or a material-handling adapter fitted on the hook of an overhead crane, hoist, crane, etc.
A space is provided between each plate to pass the forks of a fork-lift truck.
A central shaft, called the "safety adapter", attaches all of the weights together to form a compact and consistent whole, to avoid any risk in case of operator error.
At the top of the adapter, a ring is provided to enable handling with the hook of a hoist, an overhead crane or a crane.
Each weight is of a different colour according to its weight (colour code), which enables very quick selection to assemble the batches adapted to each type of test. 


The OSC® patented test weight sets combine SIMPLICITY – SAFETY – SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION 



The operator selects the weights that he/she needs for each batch of tests

Selection is made easier by the different colours of each weight and by the weights indicated on them

Selection is made easier by a correspondence table showing the colour code and weight, enabling quick assembly

Dimensions = 1.2m x 1.2m



Compliant with European safety standards relative to lifting machinery EN-1726-1

The fact that the feet are embedded between themselves blocks them laterally and longitudinally

A locking system blocks the whole assembly 



Tests duration is reduced significantly

It is possible to change the weight, while leaving the ballast set suspended on a lifting hook. 

Very substantial savings in labour costs



The guarantee of precision is +/-2% for all the weights