OSC® weight baskets are equipped with 4 lugs which can be fitted with shackles for handling. A 4 strand sling with a slinging angle less than or equal to 45° can be used under no load.


Under load, we recommend using a lifting bar with an I or H profile for less stress on the shackles. A space under the basket enables. 


External dimensions                                                                          (mm)
Length 900
Width 800
Height 700


Load                                                                                                        (kg)
25kg weights                            3x16x25 = 1,200


Weight of basket                                                                                   (kg)
Weight   199


The OSC® weight baskets  are designed to receive balance weights loaded manually.

The OSC® weight baskets  enable the performance of static and dynamic tests on lifting equipment. 

The OSC® weight baskets  can be used for testing lifting equipment such as: 

  • Load lift,
  • Lift, 
  • Jib, etc.