11 Mar 2016

Our flame cutting services also hold an appeal for artists!


With 15 flame cutting tables throughout the group, OXYMETAL can cut steel of great thicknesses of up to 400mm and thus respond to the demanding requirements of the aerospace, public works, energy, automobile sectors, etc.

You might be surprised to learn that even artists call upon our know-how!

The creations of the artist Guilhot Mille are a perfect illustration of this.

Bernard Guilhot used parts made by flame cutting by our OXYMETAL SUD-OUSET site, for Castel et Fromaget, part of the Fayat Group, in order to create real works of art that are currently exhibited in the park of the Château La Dominique, grand cru classé St Emilion, belonging to Mr Fayat: The family of hummingbirds (1.6m high) and the standing men (4m to 4.5m high). 

Fine achievements that prove that flame cut steel has not lost its ability to inspire.



29 avenue du Périgord

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