26 Jan 2016

With the 2-head laser


Over the last 2 years, the customers of OXYMETAL EST have benefited from the extraordinary performance of the 2-head laser.

It enables OXYMETAL to serve new markets, particularly in the energy sector with the cutting of electrical laminated steel, and the automobive sector for series of up to 100,000 parts, combining speed, quality and precision. 

Our customers were blown away by the performance and competitive edge of this technology compared to conventional cutting equipment.

Each of the heads is supplied by a 3600W laser source and works on a table of 2,500mm x 4,000mm.
The precision is +/-25 microns for cutting with 2 heads simultaneously, and up to +/-15 microns when cutting with a single head. 

In order to more precisely fulfil the requirements of our customers, we have also equipped ourselves with finishing equipment for bending, welding, machining, surfacing, etc.

Our tailored inspection resources guarantee the quality of your parts.



P.I. du Malambas

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